Dean Marino - Digital Marketing Consultant

Dean Marino is the founder of Innovo Marketing Consultants based in Melbourne, Australia and has been involved in Internet Marketing since 2004 when he launched a successful business selling digital information products online. As a Digital Marketing Consultant he is applying his knowledge and expertise to help others grow their business and create an online presence in the digital and Internet world.

As Engineer and IT professional for over 30 years, solving problems is nothing new to Dean who has gained professional experience in project management and implementing systems in multiple industries, working with a wide variety of businesses and organisations including building construction firms, architectural firms, engineering firms, I.T. businesses, federal/state/local government, defence, police, multinational companies, information marketing and small businesses. Dean loves digital technology and using it to leverage marketing to achieve business goals that were almost unthinkable and unattainable for most people before the Internet age.

He is also the author of the book "Get Clicks Get Clients" which reached the top 5 in Amazon Best Sellers listings in 2 categories

Dean is committed to helping businesses, organisations and individuals achieve success using his knowledge of the latest digital marketing techniques, tools and strategies.

Innovo Marketing Consultants

Innovo Marketing Consultants was conceived with one goal in mind and that is to help business owners, experts and entrepreneurs make more money by helping to improve their online presence, become an authority in their chosen field and attract more clients.

Our formula is simple:

  • Innovate your business using digital marketing
  • Locate your business in front of your ideal prospects so they find you more easily
  • Captivate them with your message about your unique services
  • Accumulate more leads to grow your list of prospects using multiple input channels
  • Circulate your message by leveraging the power of the giants in search and social media platforms turning you and your business into an authority in your field of business
  • Automate your follow up to engage with them, so you stay top of mind and turn them into loyal client

When discussing projects with you we will make every attempt to have a jargon-free conversation.

We will provide up-front and open advice with a focus on listening to you and your customers to develop a strategy and tailoring a recommendation leading to an implementation plan based on what you and your business needs.

We recognise that many businesses struggle due to a lack of an online presence, not having the knowledge or access to resources to market themselves properly in this new and ever changing technological world.

Let’s face it, business owners just don't have the time to spend  uploading videos, submitting listings to directories, writing special reports and emails, configuring email and text messaging automation, managing PPC advertising campaigns and designing websites.

That's where Innovo Marketing Consultants can step in and help!

It’s not just about building a pretty website, running a online ad, or getting search rankings; it’s about results.

Our Mission

Innovo Marketing Consultants are dedicated to helping businesses, individuals, experts and entrepreneurs by applying the latest digital and online marketing tools and strategies and leveraging powerful new online and mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads and ultimately to produce results in the form leads and clients.

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