Is Mobile Marketing Right For Your Business?

Mobile marketing is one of those buzz words that is being thrown around these days.

Here’s why it may be relevant to your business:

  • over 31 million mobile services in operation in Australia
  • over 11 million people use smart phones
  • over 42% of adults accessed the internet by phone (this is why your website should be mobile friendly or mobile responsive)
  • 98% of text messages are opened and read and 90% are read with 3 minutes of being received.
  • 72% of the population text message and 98% of smart phone users text message.

Needless to say these figures are growing.

Great! But how can you take advantage of this in your marketing?

Well, one of the easiest ways to follow up with prospects and customers is through mobile text messages.

It is extremely effective to use an automated system to do this especially one that also incorporates email messaging or integrates with your email messaging system.

You could set up a whole campaign combined with email messages so it becomes a set-it-forget-it proposition.

Just a word of caution, depending on your business you may want to make sure you do not send text messages too often to the point where it becomes annoying. Probably once per week at the most would suffice.

What sort of messages can you send?

  • Reminders that a live or online events/webinars is happening the next day or is about to start in 1 hour
  • Inform subscriber that you have just sent them an important email
  • Appointment reminders
  • Special offers or discounts
  • New products just released
  • Availability of appointments
  • Any time critical information

Just make sure you include a call to action with the message such check the email now, ring us before 5pm today, order before Friday, text back “YES” to confirm acceptance and so on.

Depending on the system you use, you can also set up an automated two way interactive conversation via text with subscribers.

For example, in real estate you may have a potential buyers subscribing to a campaign you set up and you may want more information to help you find a house for them. The automated system may text them a question, such as “how many bedrooms are you after?” and wait for a response before sending another question such as “what’s your budget?” and so on. All the answers get stored in the system and the sales people can later check the answer and respond back to the subscriber with any stock they have that meet their criteria.

It’s also a great for list building. You are building a list aren’t you? If not, a created a blog post on list building which I highly recommend you read.

For example, let’s say you often present to groups of people either live or on webinars and let’s face it, just about everyone in the room will have a mobile phone.

Now you could do all the attendees a favour by offering to send them your powerpoint or keynote presentation by simply asking them to text their email to a mobile phone number so they don’t have to worry about taking notes and can sit back and enjoy and focus on the presentation.

In less than a minute or two you will be able to add most of them to your prospects list and into your marketing funnel and in return they will find your presentation in their inbox soon afterward.

You could also offer an extra bonus or prize to the first 10 subscribers as an extra incentive.

The system I use is also able to randomly select a subscriber and you can use this capability to offer a special prize to a subscriber, kind of like a door prize or raffle, to entice people to text in.

A restaurant could do something similar by including instructions on menus or on flyers or on a posters on the wall or front window, on how to get weekly/monthly coupons, deals or discounts simply by texting in their email address.

Can you think of ways you can possibly use this “textnology” in your business?

And I’m sure you can see how this would be great for trade shows and raffles and contests…

I’d be glad to show you how this text message system works and other ideas I have for effectively using this form of mobile marketing as part of your marketing.

Please feel free to contact us anytime via one of the methods on our contact page.

I’m really excited by this because now more that ever this kind of tech can be used by small and local businesses!