Self publishing a book to grow your business

Let me start this post by providing an example of a business which uses a book as a way to get more leads and clients and to grow your business.

If you live in Melbourne Australia, you may have heard those ads on the radio about a book called “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”.

It’s promoted by a business called Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocacy Australia and the ads tell you that you can get the book for free by calling in or from their website.

Now this ad has been running for several years and one of the early lessons I learnt in Internet Marketing was that in most cases if an ad is continued to be run, whether it is online or on television or in newspapers or magazines then it chances are it’s working and is returning a positive ROI.

So what this business is doing to get leads and customers is providing something of value for free. In this case a book and to anyone who is thinking of selling their home now or in the future this is an offer almost too good to refuse.

It’s a win-win situation. The prospects gets free and useful information and the business get’s a lead which goes into their sales funnel and which they hope may turn into a client in the future.

Heck, I’m not even thinking of selling my home and I even got a copy of their free book so now they have my email address. So having done that part right, I have rarely received an email from them which in my opinion is not a good marketing. But maybe it’s because they are doing good business and their ads are working though I think if they nurtured their current list of leads better they could spend less on radio advertising, but I digress….

Any business can do this and writing a book is not as hard as it you may think. You may have a copy of my book “Get Clicks Get Clients”. At the time of writing this post I am giving away a pdf version for free in exchange for an email address. I also have the book for sale on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback and it reached the top 5 in two categories in Amazons best sellers list.

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But I'm not trying to make money by selling the book so I actually have my own stock of books which I give away to prospective customers when I meet them in person or I may even post it to them.


Because a book is the ultimate business card.

Let’s face it, everyone has a business card and they just get added to a pile of other cards or get lost or even thrown away.

A book is more impressive than handing a business card to a prospective client or customer. It shows that you have enough knowledge to write the book and you are an expert and authority in your field since you are a published author. Think about it this way - "author" is the root of  "authority".

You could also become a best selling author on Amazon - that would impress your prospects wouldn’t it?

It will help you stand out against your competitors and it is more than likely it will be something your competitors would not have in their arsenal so there is a strong differentiation there.

Who would you more likely do business with - a published author of a best selling book who clearly is an authority in their field or the other guys who don’t have a book but they have nice business cards.

So to be clear, the purpose of the book is not to make money selling it. It just a tool and strategy to get you more customers. The money comes in the back end when prospects become clients and you sell them your services and/or products because they purchase your book or you gave it to them as a gift. They may have read all of it or some of it or perhaps even none of it but they trust that you know what you are doing. After all you are an author and perhaps a best selling author (which is in fact not that hard to do if you know how).

This will work for any business, whether it be an osteopath, plumber, lawyer, accountant, plasterer, dentist, software developer, consultants, florists, engineers, accountant, tattoo artist, plastic surgeon, chiropractor, builder, electrician, therapist, psychic, painter and so on and so on. You get the picture…

You may be giving away some of your knowledge and expertise and for some  as your book will give them enough information to do it themselves or get started at least, but for most people they would prefer an expert do it for them.

The bottom line is authoring and self publishing a book has a high likelihood of enabling you to make more money, and enjoy more success.

I know what you’re thinking - how can I possibly write a book?

Well there are many ways and it doesn’t have to take that long and the best method may be different for each individual/business and perhaps that is a topic for another day.

In the meantime, if you want to explore this option further and would like some help and advice on how to publish and book and become an author  to help grow your business and even to becoming best selling author feel free to contact me anytime via the contact page.