What We Do

As our name suggests, we are a marketing consultancy specifically in the areas of digital and on-line marketing helping business owners and entrepreneurs like you by providing advice, strategies and implementation services to get you more leads, customers, clients ultimately resulting in greater profits.

Here's how our service works.

When we first meet we will ask you a series of questions aimed at finding out what your goals are, what marketing you are currently doing what challenges you have and then we will review your website and establish the current state of your on-line presence.

Next we will develop digital marketing strategy based on our marketing formula, taking aspects of each part of our formula which we feel best suits your business, goals and budget.

Then we help you implement the strategy.

We can provide a done for you service or we can work with your own people or other providers of specialist services to implement a solution that gets results.

One thing we try not to do is confuse with jargon and instead we will discuss our services in way that you will understand.

But for those of you who are looking for a menu of services here is a list of some of the tools and methods we may implement for you as part of the marketing strategy we develop to get you more clients and customers:

      • Multi Channel Marketing
      • On-line directory submissions
      • On-line review sites strategy
      • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
      • Website development, re-design or tweaking
      • Website Hosting
      • Video submissions
      • Video marketing
      • PPC advertising setup and management on Google and Facebook platforms
      • Submissions to Social Media and Bookmarking sites
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Copy writing
      • Autoresponder setup and management
      • Email and SMS/text marketing campaigns
      • Trigger texting
      • Book publishing to Amazon.com
      • Podcasting
      • Mobile Apps
      • Mobile Websites
      • And more...


Are you guilty of continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result when it comes to marketing your business?

And are these things you are doing more or less the same as what your competitors are doing?

You know, like newspaper and yellow pages ads that you keep paying for but not really knowing if they are working for you.

If so, how do you expect a potential customer to choose you over a competitor who is doing the same thing?

This is where we will help you to innovate your business marketing and to help establish what is your unique message and to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Your marketing needs to be different and up with the times in this digital age.

This is the first step in the Innovo Marketing Formula to get you more clients with digital and online marketing.


If your potential clients can't locate you online then you are leaving money on the table for your competitors to grab.

This is where it all begins and Innovo will help you increase your web presence so more people visit your website and connect with you.

Whether it be from directory listings, awesome 5 star reviews on Google or other review sites, videos posted on youtube, vimeo and dailymotion, social media or through compelling Google ads that entice them to click on your ad, there are several ways we can help you and your business rise above the fold so that the people who are looking for your services find you when they need you.


This is where we will help you captivate your audience through your purpose build website which is designed for one thing and one thing only and that is to capture more leads and turn them in to paying customers.

How do we achieve this for you?

By highlighting your Unique Selling Proposition and the benefits your clients get from doing business with you.

You may need a new website design or maybe we may just need to do a few tweaks to it such as including an incentivized offer coupled with a call to take action to compel visitors to connect with you and your business.

Also an important factor overlooked by many business is mobile devices and having a mobile responsive or optimised website.

Mobile searches for services have overtaken desktop searches and your site needs to look good on a smart phone!


'The money is in the list' - if you haven't heard this expression before then you need to make it your mantra.

What does it mean?

It means you need to have a database of names, email addresses, phone numbers of prospects.

If people have gone to the trouble of giving you their details they are then interested in what you have to offer and you don't want to lose contact with them and you need to make sure you follow up with them regularly.

It is important that you continue to grow or accumulate this list and as time goes by you will inevitably get more clients and make more money directly from this list.

And the more ways you offer people to connect with you, the bigger your list will grow and Innovo will help by setting up multiple channels such as email capture forms, Text/SMS, QR Codes, mobile web forms and business card scans that automatically add details on the card to your database of leads! So cool!


Building a platform is important because it can establish you as an authority in your field of business.

How can this be achieved?

Innovo can help you circulate your message and content through services such as youtube and other video sites, Apple iTunes in the form of podcasts or Newstand magazines or apps, Amazon where you can publish your own book in kindle and/or paperback formats.

Then you can establish a following on social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook so that you can automate the distribution of your content and announce it to your growing list of followers and potential customers through social media.

The aim is not necessarily to make money selling digital products but to set you aside from your competitors.

For example, if you have are a best selling author on Amazon, produce a weekly podcast available on iTunes or have professional videos online and your competitors do not, then prospects are more likely to gravitate to you and want to do business with you because in their eyes you are an authority!

Instead on thinking about 'making content', consider marketing from a 'You Everywhere Now' perspective where you take the same content and turn it into a webinar, video, audio recording/podcast, article, blog post, social media post and book so it can been seen, heard, viewed and read on any device, anywhere, any time. Not much more effort but with much more impact.


This is where Innovo will help you get full benefit from your growing list of leads and clients by setting up campaigns that will automate follow up to your leads by strategically sending out emails and text/sms messages at predetermined times.

These messages may be informational or contain special offers or access to special reports.

The purpose is to stay on top of your prospects mind, nurture them and develop a trust and loyalty in you and your business so when they are ready to buy or require your services they think of you.

As your list grows, follow up becomes more and more important and you need to take advantage of this.

Using state of the art propriety tools and systems Innovo will help you through the whole process from capturing leads, automatically following up with then to converting them into clients.

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